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Levetec's Hand Grinder & Disc Tools


Dust Muzzle Without Hose

Dust Muzzle With Hose

Variable Speed L-1200 Hand Grinder:
Specifically designed for concrete grinding and polishing. Concrete and natural stone is best ground at a low speed which allows for the best cut on the surface without bouncing or burning up of the tooling. Most hand grinders run at over 1000 rpm or more. Even variable speed grinders run between 1000 to 3000 rpm, This is to fast and at the lowest speed has no power when pressure is applied. This is way to fast to be effective, the L-1200 is variable from 0 to 1200 rpm (Will not spin off Velcro pads)

The milwakee Grinder is $449.00 The Grinder/Polisher comes with a Muzzle, Velcro Backer and Hose

Or add a Dust Muzzel to your Hand Grinder
Muzzle Kit Universal Dust Muzzle



Klindex Standup Edge Grinders:
Specifically designed for Edge grinding and polishing while standing.

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Turbo Cup 4in and 5in With Thread

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Item #

  TC4-5/8-11-C TURBO CUP 4in WITH 5/8-11in COARSE  
  TC4-5/8-11-M TURBO CUP 4in WITH 5/8-11in MEDIUM
  TC4-5/8-11-F TURBO CUP 4in WITH 5/8-11in FINE  
  TC5-5/8-11-C TURBO CUP 5in WITH 5/8-11in COARSE  
  TC5-5/8-11-M TURBO CUP 5in WITH 5/8-11in MEDIUM
  TC5-5/8-11-F TURBO CUP 5in WITH 5/8-11in FINE  

Polishing pad for Marble and Granite type 3N

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Item #

  3N-4-0050 GRIT 50, 3N - 4in, POLISHING DISC
  3N-4-0120 GRIT 120, 3N - 4in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-4-0220 GRIT 220, 3N - 4in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-4-0400 GRIT 400, 3N - 4in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-4-0800 GRIT 800, 3N - 4in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-4-1800 GRIT 1800, 3N - 4in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-4-3500 GRIT 3500, 3N - 4in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-4-8500 GRIT 8500, 3N - 4in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-5-0050 GRIT 50, 3N - 5in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-5-0120 GRIT 120, 3N - 5in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-5-0220 GRIT 220, 3N - 5in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-5-0400 GRIT 400, 3N - 5in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-5-0800 GRIT 800, 3N - 5in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-5-1800 GRIT 1800, 3N - 5in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-5-3500 GRIT 3500, 3N - 5in, POLISHING DISC  
  3N-5-8500 GRIT 8500, 3N - 5in, POLISHING DISC  

Aluminum Rigid Backer Pad

Aluminum Backer Disc


Item #

  3AL-5/8-11 ALUMINUM RIGID BACKER PAD 3in, 5/8-11
  4AL-5/8-11 ALUMINUM RIGID BACKER PAD 4in, 5/8-11
  5AL-5/8-11 ALUMINUM RIGID BACKER PAD 5in, 5/8-11  

Rubber Backer Pad

Rubber Backer Disc


Item #

  RB2-5/8-11 RUBBER BACKER PAD 2in, 5/8-11
  RB3-5/8-11 RUBBER BACKER PAD 3in, 5/8-11
  RB4-5/8-11 RUBBER BACKER PAD 4in, 5/8-11
  RB5-5/8-11 RUBBER BACKER PAD 5in, 5/8-11  

The No-Spin Backer Pad provides faster results and less damage to surrounding vertical surfaces during polishing or refinishing. The product features a rigid aluminum “Velcro” backer, with the unique addition of a free-floating disc on top. Surrounding this disc is a protective rubber bumper that when pushed against a wall, mirror, or backsplash causes the disc to float (stop spinning) while the polishing pad continues to spin beneath it. The disc acts as a “built-in” roller guide, which allows fast and precise cut patterns, while also reducing the typical damage caused by the edge of spinning polishing pads. The backer has 5/8-11 threads and includes an aluminum spacer washer to protect against wear caused by polisher spindles. USA Patent Pending. Max RPM: 3,000


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