The Dust Muzzle is a scientifically designed dust collection shroud made of transparent polypropylene that uses the centrifugal forces generated by the angle sander to remove dust and pollutants from the workplace. Because the centrifugal forces of the sander push the dust out the exhaust nozzle of the Dust Muzzle, only a small vacuum is needed to further remove the dust to a canister or a central collection point.

The Dust Muzzle is flexible. The built in corrugations allow the operator to manipulate the tool much the same as if no Dust Muzzle were attached.

The Dust Muzzle is transparent. It is made of clear polypropylene that allows the operator to see his work and grind to within . 125" of any vertical surface.

The Dust Muzzle is over 95% efficient. Test done by users have shown that virtually all the fine pollutants can be removed at the point of origin when the Dust Muzzle is used properly.

The Dust Muzzle increases abrasive life by over 500%. During normal sanding operations, the sanded particles clog up the surface of the paper. The Dust Muzzle removes these particles from the workplace and allows the paper to remain clean and unclogged.

The Dust Muzzle retrofits easily. The Dust Muzzle attaches with a standard hose clamp to over 1200 models of die grinders, angle sanders and RO/DA sanders. After adjusting the collar height to fit your back up pad, the Dust Muzzle is slipped over the bearing housing of the sander and secured with a hose clamp. The entire installation takes less than five minutes!

Unlike many dust collection systems, the Dust Muzzle requires no special sandpaper or back up pads.

The Dust Muzzle is efficient on a variety of surfaces. Each Dust Muzzle comes with vacuum relief holes which allow the operator to vary the amount of vacuum applied to the work. On very smooth surfaces, the vacuum punch outs are removed, allowing a smooth air flow through the shroud. On rough or curved surfaces, the plugs are left intact, allowing the vacuum to be drawn from the sides of the Dust Muzzle.

If the operator changes from smooth to rough surfaces, he can simply tape over the holes as needed to achieve the vacuum draw he requires.

CAUTION: When sanding any material that could produce a spark, be sure your vacuum collection bag contains no flammable materials. Do not use the Dust Muzzle with a hard grinding wheel. The Dust Muzzle is not to be used as a replacement for a scatter shield.

How the Dust Muzzle Works