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How to repair Countertops & Vanities.

We carry a full line of tooling to repair and re-polish any marble or Granite countertop or Vanity. Many products will etch marble, such as wine, vinegar even hair spray. So you may need to re-polish and blend away the mark with diamond tools. This is the most effect method and will bring the finish back to the factory finish. You basically go through the diamond pads like different grits of sandpaper, only on marble you can take it as shiny as you want. We have the Tools and the slow speed grinder/Polishers needed to make your countertops sparkle. Give us a call and we will walk you through it.

Polishing Tooling to repair Marble & Travertine Floors.

If you need to repair or re-polish your marble, concrete or travertine floors then we are able to help you. We have the machines that you will need to return your floors to a factory finish in place without the expense of removing the tiles and replacing them. A floor that is refinished in place is much flatter and seamless than a newly laid marble floor. We have a complete Marble package setup that allows you to grind and polish your Marble or Travertine floors in place and leave the better than factory and level.  You will be able to call in for technical help as well as rent the machines you will need to return your floor to a better than new install condition.

Buffer and Tooling to maintain your Marble & Travertine Floors.

Maybe you would like to own your own machine that allows you to grind and polish as well as maintain any hard surface floor. We have tools for concrete, marble and natural stone flooring. The Multi-purpose Buffer can be setup to grind or polish a floor or just maintain a floor to look 100% all the time with a mechanical diamond shine, without any wax. Wax actually attracts dirt and it get trapped in the surface. This is what makes most natural stone floors look dirty and unkempt. So instead of stripping floors and re-waxing them you can have a floor the is always clean looking and shiny at all times.



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