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Levetec's Avenger 880 Grinder/Polisher

Avenger 880  
The Avenger 880 is a very powerful machine with a lot of torque to the floor for the heavy grinds and for removing epoxy coatings and glue, a highly productive machine but easy to handle and operate. This is the ideal machine for larger jobs above 10,000 Sq Ft. The machine comes with a the raise and lower feature and all the mounting hardware, all you need is diamond tools
International Voltages available. or 208 three phase can be ordered.
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  Motor Three Phase IEC 20 Hp  
  Voltage 200-240 Volt  3 Phase / 380-600 Volt 3 Phase
  Weight 910Lb plus any Weights added
  Working Width 35 inches (800mm)  
  Speed 300-1200 RPM on the grinding head
  Water Tank 6.6 gal (25 liters)  
  Abrasive Plates Three 9 7/8" grinding heads on rotating drum.  
All Gear Design

The 880 is all gear design with drive to each of the three flex heads as well as power to the drum for the highest production rate in its size.
Total Assembly   
Click picture to see inside planetary system.

Magnet Mount System
Magnetic Instant-Change Tool System.
The Avenger 750 comes with the Magnetic Instant-change tool mounting system. All you will need to purchase is the diamond tools you will need for your particular project. The system can mount scrapper tools ,regular metal trapezoid tools, and velcro mount tools.  
USA Made Water and Dust Resistant Electronics

The Motor controller on all Avenger machines are indoor and outdoor rated for harsh environments with water and dust protection. You get maximum cooling when it is hot because the cooling fins are always open to the air not sealed in a cabinet, and no entry of dust into the electronics cavity. USA MADE  
Control Head
The Avenger 880 has all the features,and comes with all you need, such as forward and reverse directions on the grinding heads. This allows you to run directional tools such as scrapper tools to remove epoxy and glue. Most diamond tools do not have a direction so you can run those either way. The 880 also has variable speed to grind rough floors by slowing down the grinding heads to keep them from bouncing which will stop them from cutting. By speeding up the grinding heads you can polish and burnish the floor with the proper tooling. Variable speed also allows you to work on marble and granite floors.
Ratcheting Handle
You can instantly adjust the handle to be more comfortable, or to tip the machine over or to store the handle out of the way.
One squeeze of the lever and move is to position.
 The handle also comes with a C shape attachment to control the machine with ease and not have to constantly hold on as tightly.
Diacrete Metal Tools
sqf per hr                                       m² per hr
Concrete Grind 1 step
1300-1600                                     130 -160
Terrazzo Grind 1 step
400-500                                           40 -50
Glue Removal 1 step
1100-1600                                     110 - 160
Paint Removal 1 step
1100-1600                                      110 - 160
Marble Polishing 5 steps
230-300                                          25 - 30

* Production numbers may vary according to surface conditions, diamonds used, equipment operator, etc.
Because it is important to use a functional Hepa vacuum if you are going to grind dry, Levetec has a supply of low cost HEPA filter vacuums to do the job.
Filtration is an enormous issue when it comes to industrial vacuum cleaners. After all, if you take the time to vacuum an area, the last thing you want is the same material that you just vacuumed to be exhausted right back into the atmosphere. Depending on what you're collecting, the dust or debris may be hazardous to your product finish, or even your health. We, at Levetec, realize the importance of ultra-efficient filtration systems and put our guarantee on every industrial vacuum cleaner we sell.  
Metal Diamond Tools
To grind floors effectively it is necessary to use metal tools to grind down through the cap and leave a substrate that is ready to coat, seal or polish. Click on the picture to see the metal diamond tooling.
Diacrete Metal Tools
Resin Diamond Tools
To bring a  floor up to a high shine it is necessary to use Resin tools to polish the substrate to the look you seek or to coat, seal or polish. Click on the picture to see the Resin diamond tooling.
Resin Floor Polishing Disc


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