Before proceeding, Disconnect the sander from it's power source!!

1. Trim the COLLAR (1) so that the SKIRT (2) of the Dust Muzzle extends 1/16 to 1/8 inch beyond the surface of the abrasive. The easiest way to trim the COLLAR is by sanding it with the angle sander. DO NOT use shears or cutting tool to trim the collar as this can cause stress cracking. Remove the COLLAR in small steps, using the reference lines on the COLLAR to gauge your progress.

2. Attach the Dust Muzzle to your sander with the HOSE CLAMP (4), provided.

3. When working on smooth surfaces, remove the PUNCH OUTS (5) as needed to provide the air flow needed. Once removed, PUNCH OUTS can be replaced by tape if necessary.

4. Attach the VACUUM HOSE (6) to the Dust Muzzle and secure the hose to the sander near the handle with the RELEASABLE CABLE TIE (7), provided. This is important. The RELEASABLE CABLE TIE prevents the vacuum hose from distorting the shape of your Dust Muzzle.

Other notes on installation.

Adjusting the collar

Vertical weak spots have been built into the COLLAR of the Dust Muzzles that allow the user to make small adjustments to the fit of the Dust Muzzle. Most tools are made from castings which are not exact. If the bearing housing of your tool is slightly too large or too small, you may cut along these vertical lines and stretch or compress the Dust Muzzle COLLAR to achieve a better fit. In almost all cases, the Dust Muzzle we recommend will fit your tool perfectly.

Installation Instructions for the Dust Muzzle

Installation Instructions for the 78AD Adapter

Adapters for Large Dust Muzzles

Some grinders do not have a collar to which the Dust Muzzle can be clamped. Among these are some models of Milwaukee , Sioux and DeWalt grinders. A plastic adapter (part 78AD) is available which creates an artificial collar to which the Dust Muzzle may be fastened. When the 78AD is installed on the tool, the appropriate Dust Muzzle is either the 729 (7" backup pad) on the 829 (8" backup pad or 7” diamond cup wheels).

Installation Instructions for the 234AD Adapter

Hose adapters for small Dust Muzzles

When ordering Dust Muzzles for the small 2 and 3 inch die grinders, a special hose adapter (part# 234AD) is available. This adapter will connect a standard 1.25" vacuum hose to the 3/4" exhaust outlet on the smaller Dust Muzzles.
The 234AD comes complete with a 2' length of flexible 3/4" hose and an adapter that takes the hose from 3/4" to a standard male fitting on a 1/25" vacuum hose.

1 1/4" x 2" x 6 FT HOSE
Most vacuums come with a 2" hose. The Dust Muzzle uses 1 1/4" hose which is the same size as the hoses on home vacuum systems. We use a 1 1/4" lightweight hose because it will not pull against the Dust Muzzle like a large, wire wound heavy duty 2" hose would. These hoses are an extension to your regular vacuum hose. If you have a 10 ft. hose on your vacuum, you will now have a 16 ft. hose. One end of the hose has an adapter to connect it to your vacuum and the other end slides directly into the exhaust port of the Dust Muzzle.