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Take a look at the DustMuzzle that you can purchase for your Grinder

Dust Muzzle Without Hose

Dust Muzzle With Hose

All Dust Muzzles

Concrete Tools

The Dust Muzzle can be used with all 4-7" diamond cup wheels, crack chasers and tuck pointers. It is over 95% efficient and will not only help prevent silicosis of the lungs but will prolong the life of your electric tools by keeping abrasive concrete dust from damaging the motor and bearings.

Marine and Composite Tools

The Dust Muzzle is ideal for general fiberglass repair as well as marine applications including sanding teak decks, anti-fouling paint removal, blister repair jobs and preparinging bright work. It is available for pneumatic die grinders, all pneumatic RO/DA sanders and some electric RO/DA sanders, and all electric and pneumatic right angle grinders with backup pads from 4-8".

Autobody Tools

The Dust Muzzle is available for all pneumatic right angle grinders with back-up pad diameters from 2" to 8" including die grinders with 2" and 3" pads. It is also available for almost all RO/DA sanders. The Dust Muzzle will improve worker health by removing pollutants at the point of origin. It will also prolong the life of the tools and contribute to a cleaner and more efficient workshop.

RO and DA Sanders

Milwaukee Grinders

Die Grinders

Makita Grinders

Bosch Tools

Chicago Pneumatic Grinders

Hitachi Grinders

With 7" Saw Blade


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